Kiniro Mosaic — Blu-ray Volume 1

Kiniro Mosaic - 02

Video : H264 1920x1080 @ crf 15 (10-bit) | H264 1280x720 @ crf 15 (10-bit)
Audio : FLAC 2.0 16bit Dialogue/Audio Commentary | AAC 2.0 – 320kbps Dialogue + 192kbps Audio Commentary
Subtitle : IB

1080p : Torrent | DDL | EP01v2 Patch
720p : Torrent | DDL | EP01v2 Patch

So, here's the first volume with the v2 of first episode. This time I used the scripts from IB's batch release for both episodes. I noticed that their v2 releases have more fonts in them, while I never took time to see which lines in the scripts were updated and what font styles were used where.

Anyway, Kiniro Mosaic was one of my top Summer 2013 titles. Let me share the ten reasons why I loved this TV series:

10 - Moe
09 - English in Japanese tongue
08 - Alice amidst confusion
07 - Isami
06 - Yuri Subtext
05 - Karen's logic
04 - Shinobu's geekiness
03 - Aya's embarrased tsundere moments
02 - Karasuma-sensei's songs
01 - Yoko

7 thoughts on “Kiniro Mosaic — Blu-ray Volume 1

  1. While I also prefer Mezashite subs for this IB's weren't bad at all, even CR original script is pretty good.
    Doing 2 sub tracks is really a pain in the ass so I doubt he's going to do that, you can always change the subs yourself, all you need is Aegisub and MKVToolNix.

    • Currently encoding the 2nd volume. My schedule's been kind of messed up since this season but I think I can get it done (Kiniro Mosaic Vol.2) in a few days.

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