Kodomo no Jikan 07 — DVD LQ


Video : DivX 5 640x480 CFR 29.970 fps
Audio : Japanese MP3 48.0 KHz 128kbps
Subtitle : English Advanced Substation Alpha (Kuroyami Fapsub base script)

480p : Torrent | Torrent | DDL

I got the video/audio from a DVD-rip shareraw in an AVI container. Then, I picked up the scripts from Kuroyami Fapsub's Russian subtitles and restyled, timed and edited a little here and there. Finally, since I can't understand Russian in the first place, and to avoid directly translating localizations/trolling in the script if there ever were, I decided to translate it directly from the Japanese audio. Why did I do this in the first place? It's because no one did it so long that I just ended up doing it.

Take note that this episode is censored, unlike the previous 6 which have had releases outside Japan and so are uncensored (AFAIK).

I don't have enough experience on translating JP to EN though, and neither is my native language so I can't promise the script quality. If people deem my translation as good enough, I might think of doing some more TLs. There are a lot more of untranslated titles there ripe for the picking.

6 thoughts on “Kodomo no Jikan 07 — DVD LQ

  1. Thanks! I have been waiting for this! I believe your translation is good. I watched this before with google translating Kuroyami Fapsubs but there were lots of places i didn't understand. Now I fully understand it. I hope you keep doing this, as you said, there are lots of untranslated titles, even uncensored ones. But nobody translating it. So you are doing god's work. Thanks again!

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