Saki — Blu-ray Episode 21

Saki - 21

Video : H264 1280x720 @ crf 18 (10-bit) | H264 848x480 @ crf 18 (8-bit)
Audio : AAC 2.0 – 192kbps
Subtitle : Nozomi/Underwater-Mahjong/Doki-SGKK, edited/retimed

720p : Torrent | DDL
480p : Torrent | DDL

I don't know what exactly to say, but I'm back. And the batch is not to be, maybe. Anyways I am working on stuffs here again and touched the 21st episode yesterday (or hours ago depending on timezones).

I've been away for long that I don't think I can make a progress report or something, so I just want to get things done one step at a time. And the first should be Saki Blu-rays.

11 thoughts on “Saki — Blu-ray Episode 21

  1. I think most people understanding that stuff happens. I was excited to see a new release and look forward to more in the - hopefully - not too distant future. Thanks for what you do!

  2. Started watching Saki since I downloaded your encodes, still waiting for it to complete.
    No rush though, take your time!
    Hope to see Nekogami soon too.

  3. Hi, 29.97 fps in your Saki encode should be decimated to 23.976 fps with tdecimate() filter because currently in every 5-frame span an exact duplicate frame exists which makes all pans/scrolls/movements somewhat jerky. The BD was mastered in the wrong way but it doesn't mean you should keep it.

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