Shin Saishuu Chikan Densha — DVD

Video : H264 708x480 (Ep.1-2) / 708x478 (Ep.3) @ crf 18 (10-bit) CFR 23.976 fps
Audio 1 : Japanese AC3 48.0 KHz 192kbps
Audio 2 : English AC3 48.0 KHz 192kbps
Subtitle 1 : R1 DVD Styled Subs - English Dialogue and Signs
Subtitle 2: R1 DVD Styled Subs - English Signs Only

480p : Torrent | DDL

I don't know, I just decided to encode it since I don't see a dual-audio release available, even when there are releases listed on AniDB. I apologize in advance for the slow initial seeding, but this time we have a DDL link to make things easier.

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